About us

SellingTheWorld.com is a free world wide real estate advertising service for private sellers and real estate agents to advertise their properties for sale, lease or rent.  In 2019 foreign investment in the United States topped $78 billion US dollars.*   Our site caters to all types of real estate including single family residents, multi-family residents, condos, townhomes, industrial and commercial properties.   We are dedicated to finding you the perfect place in this big beautiful world.   SellingTheWorld.com is not a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker. We are only an advertising medium to connect private sellers and real estate agents with buyers.   If you find your perfect property we will provide you with the listing agent or private seller’s contact information.  If the property is listed through a real estate agent they will charge for their services. Sellingtheworld.com is not involved with any sale of property.

You may ask how does SellingTheWorld.com make money and stay in business? The answer is simple; we charge a small fee for upgraded property advertising space, we also charge for real estate agents service advertising and we accept donations from sellers and buyers if they believe we have earned it. We are a small business and would appreciate your support!  Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas.  Thank you for using our advertising services!  *(Statista.com)